The Vocabulary of Winning Traders

Winning traders have a specific vocabulary.

It doesn’t matter what market, niche, timeframe, or trading style they focus on… the words they use (and don’t use) are remarkably similar.

We know this because we have worked with thousands of traders over the past 20+ years… and we’ve seen losing traders turn into winning traders. Often, the vocabulary they use changes even before they start to see the profits role in.

Here’s the good news… this vocabulary can be learned.

Just like any foreign language… the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in a culture that only speaks that language.

Would you like to learn how to speak like a successful trader?

Here’s how…

The Winning Trader program (which starts January 30th) is a LIVE 10-week immersion training experience that gives you the opportunity to:

  • Attend 15 LIVE trading meetings each week (150 total during the program)
  • Watch LIVE position updates from the partners and top traders at SMB.
  • Listen to LIVE audio feed from the desk to hear what the SMB partners are looking at and how they are trading it.
  • Chat with SMB traders and other SMB students to get critical feedback about your trade ideas.

If you want to be a winning trader, you have to learn the language of winning traders.

The best way to learn this language is to start listening to winning traders…every day, all day, in real-time.

Are you ready to be a winning trader?

Learn how… visit

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