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How to shut up the risk manager

May 6th, 2016 | By | Category: General Comments
  We had a meeting with a Year2 trader after the close and he did something you ought to be able to do.  Let’s call this prop trader Frequent Flyer. Frequent Flyer has fallen in love with a strategy, that between us, I don’t love.  As a directional discretionary trader this strategy doesn’t feel like real trading to me.  It’s an effective and wildly profitable strategy for some.  And trading is more about finding what works for you and not what others, including me, deem “real trading”.  So I put my personal and perhaps wrong-headed bias aside, as best I can, and listen. Frequent Flyer wants to trade Read more [...]

We are Hiring! Trading Floor Manager in NYC

Sep 2nd, 2014 | By | Category: General Comments
Our trading desk in NYC is looking for a new Floor Manager.  If you are interested, please apply here. We are looking for someone with trading and supervisory experience to work on and oversee the trading floor in our NYC office. Ideal candidates will have considerable experience in both trading and overseeing traders and trading risk. (This position will also come with an opportunity to trade firm capital commensurate with one’s recent trading history/performance.) Necessary qualifications for applicants include: Recent, verifiable track record of trading success (2-3 years minimum) Experience supervising traders Experience Read more [...]

What a Star Fund Manager Can Teach Us About Improvement

Dec 9th, 2012 | By | Category: Bruce Bower, General Comments, Guest Blog, Trader Development, Trading Lesson
Imagine that a star fund manager, with nearly a decade of stunning results, decides to completely retool the way that he does things. Would you think that he’s crazy? Would you call him a has-been? Or would you draw a different, more instructive lesson—that this is the reason why he’s stayed a top fund manager? The FT recently ran a story about Pierre Lagrange, a well-known and extremely successful hedge fund manager in London. Famously the “L” of the prestigious fund GLG, he runs a $2 billion long/short equities fund. He admits to being stung by the 2008 crisis, in which his fund fell nearly 20%. For a long/short Read more [...]