A Trader’s Contract

Jimmer Fredette was a star college basketball player, a Naismith College Player of the Year. A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about a contract he signed with his brother to play in the NBA. I__________________ will make all necessary and proper sacrifices to reach my ultimate goal of making it to the NBA. ________________ ______________________ Name (Signature) … Read More

What a Star Fund Manager Can Teach Us About Improvement

Imagine that a star fund manager, with nearly a decade of stunning results, decides to completely retool the way that he does things. Would you think that he’s crazy? Would you call him a has-been? Or would you draw a different, more instructive lesson—that this is the reason why he’s stayed a top fund manager? The FT recently ran a … Read More

Trying Too Hard

Today was one of my better days in the last week. This was not a coincidence as the stock I was trading was very in play and I was respecting the levels. My recent trading struggles have been all self-inflicted. Let’s discuss. It all started with COF. COF issued their secondary offering and underwriters were trying to support the stock … Read More