The Breakout Trade ($HIMX)

During our latest edition of The PlayBook Checkup with Bella, we discussed a Breakout Trade. This is a wonderful trade to add to your trading PlayBook. The key for this trade is to make sure you are trading off of important technical levels and not levels you “made up” as significant. With this trade, we show a truly significant technical … Read More

Short Term Trading in 2013 – Free Webinar recording

Steve Spencer on his last free webinar of the year 2012 discussed  Short Term Trading in 2013 (December 19th, 2012). Some of the topics he discussed are: The new normal Beating the Machines Which plays make the most sense based on 2012 price action The skills necessary to be a top performer in the next several years GMCR, ANF and … Read More

Free Webinar Recording – Trading Follow Through Trades with Steve Spencer

The theme for Steve Spencer’s 2012 Webinar Series will be “Do the Right Thing”. On the third webinar of the year, Steve discussed how to enter follow through trades in the days following a powerful earnings move. He discussed GMCR, FSLR, FOSL, KORS and LNKD. If you missed this webinar please click here   Trading Follow Through Trades with Steve … Read More

Free Webinar – How to trade earnings

If you missed Mike Bellafiore, author of the “trading classic” One Good Trade in the free webinar: How to trade earnings season, discussing the patterns that work best, what most to focus, patterns that are developing for this earnings season and how to grow your Pnl, please watch the recording by clicking here. If you have further questions please contact Mike … Read More