Damn right we talkin about practice!

I had an informative phone chat with a counterpart of mine at a large international prop firm.  They house thousands of traders globally.  They, like us, back all of their traders.  They, like us, have their own proprietary trading technology that only firm traders can use.  They, like us, trade many different products. He, like me, trains all of the … Read More

Questions to ask yourself after a trading loss

Yesterday I was trading a stock with a negative news catalyst that was below an important longer term technical support level and intraday VWAP, got short, and took a loss.  I would make the trade again. After taking a loss consider whether you would take the trade again.  Here are the questions I asked myself: 1) Did I have an … Read More

The unique trader

We as a firm were studying our top five traders this week.  Each of them trade a very different style.  Said another way, each of them is unique. One is a scalper. Another trades momentum. Another is an inefficiency trader. Another is an arbitrage trader. Still another trades low floats. What is more interesting is that each of them trades … Read More

This is your trading business

We teach a class, SMB DNA, and a student asked this question about the chart above from this class: As you can see from the chart, after price broke above 238.40 and traded above it, price tested and rebounded from the level 4 times. It seems to me that this suggests the level is significant intraday as well. The 3rd … Read More

Buying A Market Pull Back–Part II

In Part I I discussed how I put on the breaks on a planned buy in the SPY on 12/11 when price action lowered the probability of a market bounce. This put me in a much better position to play for a bounce on Monday December 14th. Here is a screenshot of my pre-market game plan where I share my … Read More

Not Losing is Winning Too

In our SMBU Daily Video, Mike Bellafiore shares an anecdote where he won by not losing. Developing traders often want to win and win everyday. Mike explains how you can win some trading sessions by not losing. We hope this video helps you improve your trading skills. Trade Well   – SMBU Team *no relevant positions Please follow and like us: