Trade Review: Student Trade in the S&P 500

In this segment, Marc Principato, CMT reviews a trade in the S&P 500 CFD that was initiated by one of our top students.  The trade is based on a pattern from our unconventional methodology. What have you learned by watching? Read about my book: http://www.unconventionaltrader.comVisit the trade archive: Follow me on twitter: Learn more about training: Follow me on TradingView: — … Read More

Trading: Less Fighting, More Fishing

Much of the time when you read about trading, many use metaphors that refer to competition or war. You will often hear phrases like, “the forex arena”, “bulls battling the bears”, “you compete with the best and brightest minds in the world”. This is convenient and filled to the brim with conflict (we love drama just watch the news). What … Read More

Traders Ask: Should I Develop Price Targets?

Hi Mike, I just started the DNA Program. I’m very excited! I hope it can help me with my trading. I’ve been working hard. I’ve kept a trading and emotional journal, I’ve been doing my playbook, with so far nine plays. And I’ve been disciplined and focused with the selection of the stocks in play and the research on them, … Read More

Trades of the Month from the Prop Desk Webinar

I will be speaking about “Trades of the Month from the Prop Desk” today at 4:30 pm ET. I will be discussing the following topics:    The Trading Patterns working in 2014    What key market levels we are watching on the prop desk    Trading Patterns broken down in a template that you can co-opt for your trading   … Read More

Turn Your Ideas Into Statistics

The trading world is littered with anecdotal evidence of cause and effect from various technical indicators and signals. I cringe when I hear something like the following: “As you can see, last time the 19-week moving average crossed the 52-week moving average, this stock moved 18.5%.” This statement has absolutely nothing to do with anything. It’s an observation of a … Read More

A Question on Reading the Tape and Skill Building

Hi Bella, Hope you are well. I’ve been going through the foundation course material and have started working on “reading the tape”. Can you give some guidance with following two questions? Thanks. 1.      For a new trader is it better to concentrate on one stock and watch the prints and inside box or is it better to concentrate on more … Read More

Free Webinar: Automated Systems for Discretionary Traders

In this webinar I will explain the three core benefits of using automated systems in your trading, and I will demonstrate how these tools for back testing and analysis can benefit your discretionary trading strategies as well. Even if you have no experience with programming or if you are unfamiliar with automated trading, you can learn automated systems. Months or … Read More