Free Forex and Futures Webinar: Our Most Common Trading Setup

Please join Marc Principato, CMT, on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 4:30pm ET for a free Webinar, “Our Most Common Trading Setup”. In this 30-minute Webinar, Marc will review one of the most common trading setups that we see almost every day. It is one of many advanced pattern-recognition setups that we teach within our training programs. Click here to … Read More

Understanding Market Structure

Hi Mike, 1.  Trade only the MOST in play stocks in the beginning as they have the best chance to move regardless of market action. 2.  Wait for the market to break previous day’s range or some similar range from previous couple days trading. 3.  Establish the the market itself is in play. Is there significant economic news, political unrest, … Read More

And The Answer is… Trade Less

I have a question, but here is the background. I have a VERY small trading account as a trader for a Prop firm. It is an account with $16,000 in buying power and a 40-share max with a $25 loss limit (I’m in my firm’s 18 month trading program and started with a $2,000 account and account grows as your … Read More

Consider This Before Making a Trade

Good day Mike, How is work and family. Please, I need you to clarify a few things for me. I want to know the role the following indicators play in selecting stocks for day trading. 1. Beta: what value will you use in determining stocks to play(buy/sell or stay away from) 2. ATR 3. ADV 4. Relative Volume:How to determine it … Read More

SMB Forex and Futures Weekly Analysis 4/29

In this segment, Marc Principato, CMT conducts larger time frame analysis on the S&P 500 futures, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and AUD/USD currency pairs. He provides levels of interest and some possible trading scenarios. This analysis is done every day in our trading chatroom. Visit here for a trial. [purehtml id=2] — Marc Principato, CMT, Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions SMB FOREX … Read More

SMB Forex and Futures Weekly Trade Review 4/26

In this segment, Marc Principato CMT, reviews a long day trade in the S&P500 CFD. He illustrates his reasoning for initiating, managing and exiting the trade. This is also a good example of how price action analysis can provide additional insight into the intentions of the market. [purehtml id=2] — Marc Principato, CMT, Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions SMB FOREX … Read More

Technical Breakdown Trade: $AAPL

In this trade review Steve discusses the multi-day approach to a technical breakdown in AAPL below 419. There will be a followup trade review this week where Steve will discuss the long reversal a position he is currently still holding.   Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University and has traded professionally for 16 years. His … Read More

The Playbook Webinar Series: Trading During a Conference Call

Please join Mike Bellafiore, author of the “trading classic” One Good Trade, on Thursday, May 2nd at 4:15PM EST for the FREE Webinar series, The PlayBook. This week, Mike will discuss trading during a conference call and sizing into positions (CAT, GILD, FSLR and AAPL). Click here to register for this FREE Webinar. As always Mike will take questions and … Read More