3/30/11 Stock Scans

Here are today’s scans. (Answer to the question about how these are created: They are scans based on codes and algos I built. They run in TradeStation.) Please follow and like us:

Chess and Options Trading: a Perspective from Pete in Indonesia

I received  an interesting email yesterday from a nice gentleman from Indonesia  (SMB gets lots of inquiries from all over the world) who has expressed an interest in SMB’s  options training course that we will be launching in May. Pete has studied options trading through literature and has experienced  some early success. What I found so interesting about Pete’s email, was the … Read More

Traders Ask: How Do You Detect Overconfidence?

Hi guys After a rotten 12 months I’ve had a cracker of a month not just with the recent bull run but with the preceding drop also. This has occurred after stepping back, refining a trading entry methodology based around volume (exit and money management are already in place) and focusing on this play. Obviously I’m proud of myself, but pride … Read More

3/29/11 Stock scans

Here are the scans as promised in last week’s webinar. Please follow and like us:

The Shake, GMan, the Newbs and ETP

50.50 was the important technical level we were hawking in ETP. Stock In Play. We have our level. ETP opens below, does tons of volume just below the level, and then holds above 50.50. Long right? Easy right? Well if only trading were that easy. Yes we want to be long. But can we stay in the long while responsibly … Read More