SMB Radar Update

The Weak Today column ranks stocks based on the price change relative to the stock’s opening price. These stocks tend to have weak opening drives and continuation moves. The idea here is to find opportunity in the weakest stocks in the market. When looking through the column, we always take note at how In Play the stock is to gauge how weak it can really be (Bright Red to Dark Blue).

Notice today most of the Weak Today stocks are not highly In Play.

Another method that can be used is to actually look for fade trades in the stocks that made it to the list, however are not In Play. This gives us an edge if we are looking to fade down moves in the market. Rather than fade a stock that likely has institutional buyers behind it, we look to fade stocks that are moving lower on lighter volume/order flow.

Top 10 Weak Today: $GLBC $BA $TWI $RIMM $BLK $SWK $PVH $HRS $PRU $STT

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