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SMB Options Tribe Online Community

SMB’s Options Tribe is an Online Community for Serious Options Traders

Who Wants to Earn a Living Trading Options

Are you a new options trader who needs a deeper understanding of options strategies and approaches so you can identify and manage high probability options trade each month?

Do you consider yourself an experienced options trader who is competent but now needs a mentor to help hone and improve your trading skills?

In today’s world of information overload and constantly changing markets, the journey can be difficult and confusing to make on your own. Having the right education and mentoring can make the difference between being a solid options trader and ascending to the level of elite performance that is at the center of SMBU's culture.

Each month through interactive Webinars, our exclusive online chat room, weekly updated articles, and the options trading education library, members of the SMB Options Tribe are engaged in a process of continuous improvement. In addition, we also boast a video archive of more than 100 in-depth options trading Webinars.

Whether you are new to options trading, or have many years of experience, SMB's Options Tribe is an invaluable resource for your options trading career and we look forward to working closely with you.

SMB's Options Tribe was founded in May 2011. We gather weekly with top flight options traders, educators and authorities from all over the world, such as Jeffrey Augen, Jared Levy , Tom Sosnoff, Mike Bellafiore and Brian Shannon, to name a few. The credibility of our mentors ranges from best-selling authors to appearances on CNBC and Fox Business.

Your Annual Options Tribe Membership Includes:

  • Four interactive live monthly meetings each month, held Tuesday nights at 5pm ET.
  • Online Chat Room admission.
  • Exclusive discounts on SMBU Options education
  • Alerts to new article updates and the options trading education library
To become a premium member today simply click the "annual membership" button below.