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Bearish Butterfly

Options Fundamentals | Bearish Butterfly | M3 Trading System Package

"This package is intended for the beginner options trader who would like to learn the fundamentals of options and options spreads so that he or she can then be in a position to understand the Bearish Butterfly and M3 Options Trading Systems. We have combined core elements of our Options Foundation training program with the full Bearish Butterfly and full M3 Options Trading Systems to give the trader all of tools needed to trade both of these sophisticated options trading strategies."

M3 and Bearish Butterfly Group

Traders from all over the world are trading John Locke’s Bearish Butterfly and M3 options strategies. While they have undoubtedly learned a great deal from these video programs, many traders have expressed a desire to participate in group mentoring sessions to drill down more deeply into the nuances of these trades and answer any questions which may have arisen as they trade the strategies. SMB has answered this need with our twice monthly group mentoring sessions held by John Locke. Each group mentoring session will be recorded and archived for review by participants.These sessions will be held on the first and third Thursday of each month at 5PM Eastern Time.

M3 and BB customers :

M3 or BB customers:
$ 175/month


The Bearish Butterfly

- a powerful trading plan for the serious options spread traders

You won’t have to predict market direction to employ this strategy

We provide you with a clear, step-by-step guide on how to trade this popular options strategy.

John Locke walks you through the Bearish Butterfly trade step-by-step in this detailed four part video series

A unique strategy that is structured to respond to any market scenario.

We will support you with personalized mentoring.

Presented by John Locke

The Bearish Butterfly Strategy Course is presented by John Locke, an experienced options trader and mentor who is well known for devising unique and sophisticated options strategies. This strategy is designed to perform well in sell-offs, channeling markets and most rally situations as well. Once mastered, it can become a core monthly trade for the intermediate or advanced options trader.

The SMB Blog

The March Bearish Butterfly Trade Update

The $RUT continued to be rangebound since our last writing, trading in the range of 815 and 830. No adjustments were necessary ...read more

The Bearish Butterfly Strategy Four Part Video Series: $595

5 One-Hour Personalized Mentoring Sessions: $995

Options Fundamentals | Bearish Butterfly | M3 Trading System Package : $1,995


  • "Working with John has helped immensely in my development as a trader…His trade planning methodology is detailed and extremely well thought out."

    - Erik in Massachusetts
  • "For the first time in my investing career I feel confident about trading and have realized consistent and additional monthly income. I can honestly say that my results over the past year would not have been possible without John's coaching."

    - Matt from New England
  • "When it comes to the design of clever set-piece trading strategies, John’s work is pure genius… . John has the ability to take something very complex and make it accessible to the less experienced trader."

    - Phil R.