The Broken Wing Butterfly
Options Strategy

Presented by Greg Loehr

Learn How to Generate Consistent Income Even When You're Wrong... And Have the Potential for Big Wins When Your Analysis and Timing is Right.

In The Broken Wing Butterfly ("BWB") course, Greg Loehr will teach you:

  • The options trade that offers high probability income in most market conditions.
  • How to get a guaranteed profit in one direction or the other.
  • Why the BWB option trading strategy gives you a "lottery ticket" on the downside.
  • How the BWB is similar to a option credit spread, but fundamentally shifts the risk/reward ratio in Your favor.
  • How to use the BWB to define your risk in a trade idea without a stop loss order... ultimately increasing your chances of success.
  • Why the Broken Wing Butterfly Option Strategy is one of the few income trades that can be applied to stocks as well as indexes and ETFs.

Four Sessions That Will Equip You to Trade the BWB Like A Professional

  • Session 1 is a 38 minute introduction on the fundamentals of the Broken Wing Butterfly.
  • Session 2 is 60 minutes on trading and managing the Bullish Broken Wing Butterfly
  • Session 3 is 46 minutes on flipping the position to the call side of the market to manage a Bearish Broken Wing Butterfly trade. In this trade, you have a guarnateed profit even if the market crashes. 
  • Session 4 is 39 minutes on Advanced Broken Wing Butterfly concepts including volatility considerations, variations of the strategy, and multiple position strategies
  • You will have lifetime access to the video series so you can review as often as needed.
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Greg is a Former CBOE Market Maker

The Broken Wing Butterfly Strategy Course is presented by Greg Loehr, a former CBOE market maker and proprietary trader.

Greg mas mentored over a thousand options traders throughout the world.

The Broken Wing Butterfly Trade is a key part of many veteran trader’s arsenal of theta positive option trading strategies.

Once mastered, it can become a core monthly trade for the intermediate or advanced options trader.

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Learn How to Generate Income Even When You're Wrong...  And Have the Potential for Big Wins When You Predict  The Range and Direction Correctly.

Begin Applying the Principal of Steady Monthly Income to Create Consistency in Your Trading

Four-part video series

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