Advanced Options Mentoring with Seth Freudberg

Seth has mentored hundreds of market neutral options traders over the years. Now he manages the options trading desk for SMB's proprietary trading firm in New York City. 

Several of Seth's students now trade the firm's capital remotely -- providing them with the capital, mentoring, accountability, and strategies needed to leverage their options trading skills into a full time career.  

Over the years, Seth has mastered the art of helping traders discover and overcome the critical challenges that hold them back. 

Now you have the opportunity to work closely with Seth and glean from his knowledge and experience as head of the world's first advanced market neutral remote options trading desk. 

Select from One of These Mentoring Options


  • Review your trades in detail
  • Learn what is working on our prop desk
  • Get feedback from Seth on your trades
  • All sessions recorded for your review
  • 100% personal attention on your trading 


$500 for 1 Hour

Buy Six Hours and Get One Free!

Group of Four

  • Free one-hour session to establish a personalized trading plan and then...
  • Six recorded, two-hour sessions over 3 months 
  • Learn in Intimate group setting from other traders and their strategies
  • Learn what is working on our prop desk
  • Get feedback from Seth on your trades
  • Thirty minutes per each session dedicated exclusively to your trading
  • The perfect mix of personalized mentoring and comradery

Bonus: All groups will have a team captain who will moderate a Skype group to share ideas and trade updates.