The Options Tribe Trading Team Membership

for $1,249 includes:

  • Private one-hour mentoring session with Seth Freudberg or SMB Capital desk trader Nick Salvatore to Create Your  One Year Trade Plan and Goals 
  • Exclusive Weekly Team Meetings Featuring One Member Each Week
  • Detailed Trade Plans of Each Member (when finalized) Posted  
  • Recordings of All  Weekly Sessions Posted Next Day 
  • Presentation Documents of All Weekly Sessions Posted Next Day
  • 650+ Options Tribe Webinar  On-Demand Recordings  At Your Fingertips
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Here’s how membership in the Options Tribe Trading Team works

Personal One-on-One Mentoring Sessions with Seth Freudberg or SMB Capital desk trader Nick Salvatore : 

Once you register for the Trading Team, your mentor will hold a One-on-One mentoring session with you to establish your trade plan for the year. During this recorded and archived session, you and your mentor will work together to establish your trading goals for the year and you’ll commit to making a presentation to the rest of the team members once a year. Once you and your mentor have agreed on your trade plan then....

Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions:

Each week, the trading team will convene for one hour to attend a  presentation by one of the trading team members, where each member will present his or her trading rules and some recent trade examples. This session constitutes a full additional hour of personalized mentoring with Seth, who will coach and mentor you during those sessions. Other team members will have the opportunity to ask questions as well.

Sharing in Exclusive Chat Room For Options Tribe Trading Team Members

All Trading Team Members will have access to each other throughout the year through our exclusive chat room for Trading Team Members who can share information before, during, and aftermarket hours. Interacting with other traders is a major growth opportunity for Options Tribe Trading Team participants. 

Trade Plans for EACH Team Member Posted as they are developed

When we reach the team cap of 100 members, you’ll have 100 trade plans to study and consider incorporating into your own “playbook”. 

Recordings of Each Meeting Posted along with the Team Members Presentation Documents Within 24 hours of each weekly meeting

That way you can review not only your own presentation but the presentation of other team members as often as you wish.

On-demand access to the full library of over 650+ Options Tribe Presentations that were recorded for a decade between 2011-2021

This incredible collection of options webinars from some of the greatest options traders in the world will be at your fingertips during your full year of team membership. Scores and scores of meetings on butterflies, iron condors, calendar spreads, diagonal, vertical spreads, and much much more are available to you on-demand throughout the year. 

Become an Options Tribe Trading Team Member Today and Take Your Trading To The Next Level