Meet Lance, @TheOneLanceB, and Bella in Chicago May 10th @BarCargoChi for pizza, drink, and networking.  This is a Traders4ACause event benefitting @StridesForPeace.

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The Man Who Creates Millionaires

Mike Bellafiore is the Co-Founder of SMB Capital. He's a trader, mentor, and business owner in the space we all love to play in. Bella shares what it takes to be a successful trader...

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Wall Street's Top Trader Invites Me to His Penthouse

Today we have a special show featuring Lance Breitstein. He is one of Wall Street's top traders, and today he invites me into his penthouse to learn about his trading journey and mindset.

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SMB Capital was featured on CNN Money. Co-founder and partner, Steven Spencer, and Leo Selya, Director of the SMB College Training Program, were interviewed for a CNN Money segment on what it means to be a trader in this market.

In this series we are asking Pro Traders about their psychological processes. Delving a little into how it feels to themwhen trading. The good and the bad.How this has changed over time and what preparation they do mentally forperforming as a trader.

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Steven Spencer, a partner at SMB Capital, discusses stock market regulation, electronic trading and reacts to HDNet Chairman Mark Cuban's op-ed piece challenging high-frequency trading.

Fox Business

Steve Spencer talked to Fox Business about the impact the Facebook IPO has had on investor psychology.

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In today’s volatile market, getting a good trade isn’t easy. But there are still opportunities and ways of coming out on top, said speakers at a recent seminar jointly organised by PhillipCapital and Singapore Investors Association
(Singapore) or SIAS.

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While the markets are clearly headed for higher grounds, limiting gains are the uncertain global outlook with concerns over high oil prices and a fragile Euro zone economy...

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End of Lock-Up Periods Triggers Sell-offs

The end of six-month lock-up periods on shares of some recently listed US web companies led to sharp sell-offs across the sector on Monday. Some investors have feared that tech companies that floated small percentages of their shares in initial public offerings, such as Groupon and LinkedIn

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Why Traders Have an Obligation to Make More Money Right Now

By SMB Capital Aug 15, 2011 2:30 pm

New and developing traders have caught an incredible break from the trading gods with this market. They now must maximize this opportunity -- responsibly.


Training Successful Traders: The New Breed of Proprietary Trading Firm

Increasingly, I'm coming across prop firms that are succeeding by investing in training their traders. These firms tend to be owned and operated by successful traders with a passion for teaching their skills to others.

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Find the Best Teacher

Find the Best Teacher By Mike Bellafiore May 22, 2009—New traders frequently think that learning from the most talented traders is the best way to learn. On the contrary, new traders should seek the best teacher. There is a difference. Think about...

StockTwits.TV - Watch Live

Stocktwits TV is the first web native finance television network. The Partners and senior traders at SMB Capital broadcast Live on Stocktwits TV every Mon, Wed, & Fri @ 2:00pm EST & Sun @ 8:30pm EST...

DryShips: Shipping Winners & Losers

Dry-bulk stocks were under pressure Thursday as investors and traders, inspired by the broader market selloff, fled all sorts of risky plays -- for which shipping equities certainly qualify.
Mike Bellafiore, a trader and partner at SMB Capital, said "risk aversion" has suddenly become a factor again.

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Mike Bellafiore: The Transaction Tax Would Destroy Small Businesses

In a misplaced and wild effort to collect more revenue, Congress is discussing a transaction tax for market activity. I asked SMB Capital partner Mike Bellafiore how such a tax would affect proprietary trading firms.

Damien Hoffman: Mike, how does the the proposed transaction tax affect traders and trading firms?

The Kirk Report

Interview with the Kirk Report

Last October, Charles Kirk from The Kirk Report interviewed Mike Bellafiore, author of One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading. With recent requests for a more in-depth interview, Mike and Charles have brought us a deeper look into the world of trading. You catch the entire interview here.

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A Day on the Street

SMB Remote Trading recently released a video detailing one day in the life of Connor Murphy in Manhattan as he heads to the office, develops a morning plan, executes the plan, reviews his trades at lunch, and then reviews his performance after the market close...

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The partners at SMB Capital visited in Chicago to talk about why building a strong trading foundation is so important to new traders.

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The Cheetah & The Trader

Today we've asked Michael Bellafiore from SMB Training, to give us some advice for frustrated traders.I had an interesting conversation with a young trader from another firm today. This young trader pops into my office from time to time and talks trading. He is a very bright and competitive young man. And he is struggling...

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Three Rules: Motion Detectors

Mike Bellafiore and Steven Spencer discuss their backgrounds and trading philosophy in an interview with Trader Monthly. When a stock's in play, prop-shop operators Mike Bellafiore and Steve Spencer will pounce. In guiding a crew of more than 50 proprietary equity traders, SMB Capital cofounders Mike Bellafiore and Steve Spencer...

Playbook Trading: How To Combine Charts, Tape Reading and News for Trading

Tim Bourquin: Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of Trader Interviews. Something a little bit different this week. We’re going to be talking with Mike Bellafiore and he’s got a new book coming out called, One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading.

Business Insider

How To Find The Trading Style That Fits Your Personality

In One Good Trade I wrote about Mad Max who craved momentum stocks. Mad Max was a former elite wrestler and all-around lover of things aggressive. Aggressive individuals may find they enjoy trading momentum set ups. They should find more of them.

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