The Daily Report Card

30 Days of Personalized Feedback from Author and Trading Coach, Mike Bellafiore

The Daily Report Card with Mike Bellafiore is your chance to have daily direct correspondence with the managing partner of a proprietary trading firm based in Midtown Manhattan. 

This is your opportunity to tell Bella exactly what you did that day and get the feedback you need to improve your trading. This is where you can share the good, the bad, and ugly about your trading each day so that you can receive some of the most coherent and constructive feedback that you'll ever find. 

Here's how it works:

  • Sign up for 30 days of The Daily Report Card with Mike Bellafiore
  • Send your daily trading report to Bella. This includes a summary of your preparation, what you traded, how you made decisions throughout the day, how well you adhered to your process, and your own assessment of your progress as it relates to your process and performance goals. 
  • Receive personal feedback from Bella which includes the perspective of what the top traders in the firm were doing that day and how your decisions compared. 
  • Develop new relationships. Get to know and be known by serious, professional traders. Get introduced to traders who may be able to work with you further and collaborate on your style of trading. 
  • Discover if you have what it takes to join the firm, either in NYC or remotely, as a fully backed prop firm trader. 
  • Grow faster with a better plan. Your 30 days will Bella will help to accelerate your path to becoming consistently profitable. You will leave this time with a better understanding of your current standing as a trader and exactly what you need to do to get to the next level. 
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