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SMB Mentoring in Russian

SMB Mentoring in Russian

This mentoring program will last for three months. Training will include a one-hour meeting every week with an SMB trader who speaks Russian. Trainees will also receive a written lecture once a week, and this topic will be discussed during the weekly meeting. All trainees will have access to SMB's tools, they will follow the SMB traders via SMB Real Time, and they can watch the SMB Stocks in Play morning meeting every day as well.
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Fee Structure For The Program
Total Program Fee
Optional Payment Structure
to hold your spot
before starting the program
Next program
will start
June 19th
The training will include
An hour-and-a-half meeting every week
Access to SMB trading tools
Trainee can email SMB trader with trading questions
Trainee will send SMB trader daily review
Written lectures in Russian
Schedule for the Russian Training Program
Week 1 A Detailed Plan, Stocks In Play Checklist, One Good Trade, Q&A
Week 2 Technical Analysis, Q&A
Week 3 Reading the Tape, Q&A
Week 4 Checks in our Favor, Focus, Q&A
Week 5 Times of the Trading Day, Q&A
Week 6 Psychology of Trading, Q&A
Week 7 Momentum Trading, Q&A
Week 8 Support/Resistance Plays, Q&A
Week 9 Risk Management, Q&A
Week 10Full Hour Final, Q&A
Learn more about our trading tools
SMB Scanner
SMB Radar
SMB Real Time
Stocks In Play
Helps you prepare for the
trading day in the morning,
afternoon, and after the close

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Helps you find the strongest,
weakest, and "in play" stocks
througout the trading day,
and more.

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You can listen to traders,
see their positions, and chat
with them throughout
the day

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Stocks potentially "in play"
are discussed in the meeting
held every morning before the Open

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