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SMB Rotation Program

Options Fundamentals | Bearish Butterfly | M3 Trading System Package

"This package is intended for the beginner options trader who would like to learn the fundamentals of options and options spreads so that he or she can then be in a position to understand the Bearish Butterfly and M3 Options Trading Systems. We have combined core elements of our Options Foundation training program with the full Bearish Butterfly and full M3 Options Trading Systems to give the trader all of tools needed to trade both of these sophisticated options trading strategies."

SMB Rotation Program

SMB Rotation takes you through all the major assets to help you find the best trading instrument for you

SMB Rotation program is a five-week course that will teach you about a number of trading products to help you find the market that fits you best. You will spend a week on each trading product and you will learn about equities, options, futures, forex, and systems trading. SMB has professional traders in all of these markets and each of them will help you build a solid foundation of necessary information.

What you will learn






SMB Rotation Program for College Students In house: $4,995
Continued Education and Trading Live from School

After the end of each training program, you will have the opportunity to take another training program for a discounted cost.

The purpose of the rotation program is to allow you to discover your passion. Once you find it, you can explore it in greater depth.

Upon completion of the equities training program, you can open an account with our broker-dealer and trade remotely while you are still at school.