What are Your Trading Goals for 2014? Share Them Here

Happy New Year!

An exercise we ask all of our prop traders in NYC to complete at this time of the year is: Trading Goals for 2014. And then our prop traders will work with their mentors on a plan to achieve these goals. At SMBU, we would love to hear from you about your trading goals for 2014 and of your plan to achieve them.

SMBU will compile your answers, keep them anonymous, and then hold a special webinar next Thursday offering solutions on how SMBU community members can achieve their trading goals.

Please respond here with your Trading Goals for 2014.

Please sign up here for our webinar: How to Achieve Your Trading Goals for 2014.

I made a list of my goals in a recent post, Seven Goals for This Trader in 2014. Perhaps this post will help jump start your list.

Keep working on your trading game! And let’s make 2014 your best trading year ever… together.

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PS: SMBU is reopening SMB DNA to our trading community in one week. Get on the waiting list for this course to improve your trading game.

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You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

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