The Weekly Options Income Machine Program

 The Weekly Options Income Machine Offers: 

  • A 12-Part Video Series in which Seth Freudberg, who manages SMB Capital’s Options Trading Desk, and Scott Andrews, CEO of InvestiQuant, present in great detail the options strategies that can be most effectively implemented to leverage the power of InvestiQuant’s signature Adaptive IQ Signal that indicates, when triggered, the statistically likely direction of the S and P 500 Index from open to close on any given day. Three different options strategies are taught and detailed explanations of how to trade these strategies through online brokers are provided in this comprehensive course.
  • A 12-month subscription to our exclusive morning email and text message notifications providing you with the Adaptive IQ long or short signal for that day (on days where a trade is indicated_, which is required to trade this particular options strategy.
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions to support traders who have subscribed to this service. 
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This is what you learn in the video course accompanying the Weekly Options Income Machine Program

Video 1: Understanding the Adaptive IQ Signal

Scott Andrews of InvestiQuant explains how the iQ signal is constructed, what makes it robust and superior to traditional market timing approaches, and how it incorporates machine-learning techniques to adapt daily to changes in market conditions, as well as its own performance.  

Video 2:   Understanding Index Options 

Seth Freudberg explains the basics of options,  delving into the differences between the more commonly understood equity options and the simple, yet less well understood, index options. The video includes an extensive explanation of the various options expirations offered by the market for index options products. 

Video 3: The Advantage of Selling Options Over  Buying Options

Seth Freudberg delves into the basics of why selling options provide the options trader and edge when compared with buying options, as options are a wasting asset and buying that asset makes time your enemy. Selling options turns time into your “friend” and substantially increases the win rate compared to buying options for reasons that are explained in the video. 

Video 4:     Why Vertical Credit  Spreads Are So Powerful

Seth Freudberg, using extensive examples,   defines credit spread and debit spread options strategies and why professional traders use credit spreads, as opposed to simply selling options outright, for important risk management purposes.

Video 5:   Weekly Options and Why They are a Game Changer

Seth Freudberg explains the evolution of weekly options, vs. the traditional monthly options, how they work exactly, and why the frequency of available options chains was so crucial to the development of the options strategy that we are teaching in this course. 

Video 6: The Effect of Volatility on Trade Pricing 

Seth will discuss the effect of options implied volatility on the pricing that the customer should expect to receive, drawing the dramatic distinction between high and low volatility times, from the perspective of both changes in the ATR (Average True Range) of the $SPX index as well as the CBOE $VIX index which measures the implied volatility of $SPX options. 

Video 7: Which Vertical  Credit Spread Strategy is Best for You: Conservative, Balanced or Aggressive?

We’ll lay out the differences between the three credit spread models that we exhaustively backtested from the earliest date that Monday, Wednesday, and Friday options became available--January 1, 2018. We cover the risks inherent in each model and the backtesting results which illustrate the relative equity curve volatility between the three strategies, to allow you to make an informed decision between the models. 

Video 8:   Credit Spread Trade Margins  

In this video, we explain the exact effect on cash flow and buying power that credit spreads will have upon a customer’s online trading account. This will be critical to the trader’s understanding of how much capital will be required for the strategy he selects and the trade sizing he chooses.  

Video 9:  How To Use The Adaptive IQ Signal to Trade  Weekly Options  

We will pull all of the educational material together by explaining the detailed process of the morning   “heads up” messages that you will receive from us shortly after  9:15 AM each day, by text (SMS) and email, followed by the messages you will receive shortly after 9:30 AM on mornings where there is some potential of a trade being suggested by the Adaptive IQ Signal. 

Video 10:  Trading Psychology: How To Handle Drawdowns

Scott of InvestiQuant will help you master the professional mindset for “staying the course” during the challenging and unavoidable periods that occur from time to time in which your account endures a stretch of losing trades. Specifically, Scott will help you understand exactly what causes drawdowns and what you can do to minimize their impact.

Video 11: Trading Psychology: How to Handle Periods of Infrequent Trades

Scott of InvestiQuant shares tips for remaining patient and disciplined during the occasional quiet periods in which the market is not generating statistically-attractive trading opportunities. 

Video 12: Tips from the Pros

Scott Andrews and Seth Freudberg tackle a series of important and practical issues that options traders may face when using this trading system.