Tryout Benchmarks

SMB Tryout Benchmarks

Here are the benchmarks SMB has set for traders that wish to tryout for the desk. 

Prerequisite Training:

  • Complete the SMB DNA of Successful Trading training program
  • Complete two months of SMB Trader Development (includes The Winning Trader)  

Performance Requirements During Three Month Simulation Trading:

  • Daily loss limit of -$500 not violated 
  • Max drawdown of -$4,000 during 
  • Profit target objective of $6000 achieved 
  • Trade everyday 
  • Only intraday trading, no overnights  

Work Ethic Requirements to Get Funded:

  • Monthly reviews & goals sent to us for review 
  • Daily review with SMBU Performance center  
  • Submit a PlayBook each day 
  • Attend ALL mentoring meetings each day 
  • Input your best AM ideas on the SMB AM Ideas Sheet 
  • 10-minutes of mindfulness practice daily (honor system)

Additional Terms 

  • SMB reserves the right to hire or extend the tryout for traders who fall short of these requirements, but excel in fitting our culture of learning and trader improvement. 
  • Hiring will be subject to background check. 
  • Traders who do not reach benchmarks may repeat the simulation trading tryout for $495 per month. 

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