Trade with us in NYC this Summer… here’s how

The SMB Summer Sabbatical, now in its second year is growing and gaining in popularity.

An annual event that gathers traders to train, teach and learn side-by-side with some of the best and brightest traders in the world.

This opportunity offers traders an opportunity to learn strategies and gain an in-depth understanding of the processes and skills of top traders in NYC.

Why join the Summer Sabbatical?

– Participate in 12 mentoring meetings in specially designated training rooms
– Access and use multi-screen stations – (limited spots… get yours now)
– Access to SMB simulation trading account or trade your own account
– Build relationships with firm traders at happy hour

Do not miss the chance to connect with traders in NYC and learn the culture that produces 7-figure traders.

There’s no better time to start but today, apply and reserve your seat by visiting now.