This Weeks Trading Lessons

In this video Steve discusses how rumors impact stocks each day.
SMBU Trading Lesson of the Day_ How to Gain Trading Confiden

Andrew Falde discusses why every trader should have a trading system.

SMBU Trading Lesson of the Day_ How to Gain Trading Confiden

Best Setups For Developing Traders

In Monday’s webinar, Bella discussed the five trading setups that are taught to trainees when they join our desk in NYC. These trades include: changing fundamental trades, trend trend trade, 2nd day play, technical trade, and pullback trades…Read More

Improving your Trading Psychology with a Hedge Fund Trader

In this video from Bruce Bower, you will learn: how to manage your emotions and emotional state, why getting in the zone will help you trade better, and how to access your peak performance state…Read More

When Should a Trader Say “I was wrong?”

When you have a system… and you have a predefined reason to change your mind, then you don’t have to live with that feeling of being “wrong”. Instead, you can live with the freedom of knowing that you have a plan that allows you to change your mind and get back in sync with the market. Here are a few tips and one practical example…Read More

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