Accelerate Your Trading Skills in

the 10-Day Training Program

Over 25 core lessons for the aspiring active day trader. The perfect training to build a solid trading foundation.

Start Using the Skills and Mindset to Make Better Trading Decisions

What Makes a Trader Good?

Imagine you have full control of your emotions, are always focused and your Playbook is ready to capitalize on today’s opportunities. You are positioned to make money because you work as hard during non-market hours as you do when the market is open. Each trade, each day is a gift to improve. A chance to be better tomorrow than you are today.

Why This Ten Day Training Program Can Impove Your Trading Fundamentals

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference in a trader’s career? We know it isn’t IQ, talent or dedication. It isn’t successful traders “want it more.” The difference lies in what each trader knows and how he or she applies that knowledge. And that is why we created this training program for people like you. To give you knowledge-information you can apply quickly to become a better day trader. Our goal is to help you learn when the market offers the best opportunities and how to day trade them like a champion.

Which of These Areas Do You Need to Improve?

1. Improving your trading edge 2. Technical analysis skills 3. Holding winners 4. Better discipline exiting losers or being patient to not trade 5. Managing risk 6. Developing your own Playbook; one that matches your resources and experience 7. Goal Setting 8. Finding Stocks in Play 9. Trading the news

How the Training Program Helps You Improve

I’ve got good news for you. Profitable trading is simple. Strategy, tactics and a winning mindset are the core topics for you to master. Each area is covered in detail in the ten day program. The lessons are delivered in multiple formats: video, audio and text.

The Ten Lessons:

Day 1: You Are a Pro Trader Day 2: Mindset: The Most Important Attribute of a Pro Trader Day 3: Solutions to Your Trading Frustrations Day 4: Developing Your Trading Rules Day 5: Reading the Tape Day 6: One Good Trade Day 7: The Playbook Day 8: Developing Your Trading Confidence Day 9: Trading Psychology Day 10: How Good Can You Be?

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