“NAV Again?”

Yes. As long as a stock is offering excellent risk/reward setups over and over I will keep talking about it. And for those of you who don’t know me personally it is not in my nature to repeat myself. I prefer to explain a concept once and then move on to something else.  But apparently two blog posts, 5 mentions … Read More

Trading Lesson: The Bear Trap–Ouch!

A large part of successful trading is understanding how others are positioned in a stock and using that information to your advantage. One of the most common triggers for opening a short position in day trading is a drop of multi-day support. The idea being that many longs will have stop orders below this level, which will lead to a … Read More

This New Trader is Improving

I should facetiously title this post “The glamorous life of a managing partner”.   Yesterday Leo, who runs our active trader college program, and I drove eight hours back and forth to Bentley U, arrived back home at 1am, woke up at 5AM to scoot to the airport for a 6:50AM flight to Vegas.  We had a blast at Bentley … Read More

Katz’s Corner: How Do I Pull the Trigger?

I sent this question from an SMB reader to Dr. Jonathan F. Katz, performance coach, at High Performance Associates. —– I’m sending this message as I am in need of help with regard to a specific issue that I’m currently experiencing. I have studied the market vigorously every day for the past two years. I’ve read and studied many books … Read More