Reviewing the SMB Archives

In August and early September, the market seemed to rotate around two distinct type of trading days: 1. The momentum panic day, driven by major news, with lots of volume in the SPY 2. An uptrending grind or ‘melt-up’, characterized by a wide ranges, low volume and steep pullbacks that would shake a lot of traders out but seldom break … Read More

What I learned from my summer internship at SMB

A guest post from one of our summer interns, Chan, practicing his trading skills on the demo while back in school. I interned at SMB this summer and left with a lot of information and skills. I was taught a lot of things, I learned how to read the tape, the psychology of trading, how to control my emotions while … Read More

Find the Least Competitive Stocks (Part II)

“Least Competitive?”  At first blush it sounds almost like admitting defeat. Come on, I’m a trader. In order to make it in this profession and derive a good living I have to be able to bang with the big boys right?  Let me give you one of the analogies that I use when mentoring that may coax you to think in … Read More

Who Believes in You as a Trader?

There is lots of talk about Coach Ryan the coach before tonight’s J…E…T…S Patriots battle.  Coach Ryan is a believer in making sure his players believe.  In a column the importance of belief found another sport: Speaking of winning, Duke basketball’s Mike Krzyzewski, one of the most respected and successful coaches in team sports, likes to use the same four … Read More