How do I regain my trading confidence?

Hi Mike, I think it’s crazy (in a great way) that a successful trader/prop firm manager/author still takes time to answer random question from traders… Thanks so much for considering responding to mine. First, a bit of background so you know where I’m coming from. I started trading at the beginning of 2004 at a prop firm in Chicago that … Read More

The easiest trade of this open (STT)

Scanning the market universe on the open STT, State Street Corporation, caught my eye. 1) I liked that it was down a lot 2) I liked that after the open it showed an ability to move away from prices 3) 40/39 were levels on my long term charts so it still had room to trade lower 4) There was a … Read More

Free Webinar: How to trade earnings season

Please join Mike Bellafiore, author of the “trading classic” One Good Trade, this Thursday at 4:15PM EST in the free webinar: How to trade earnings season. Bella will discuss: 1) the patterns that work best during earnings season 2) patterns that are developing for this earnings season 3) what most to focus on for earnings season 4) growing your PnL … Read More