This is What a Significant Day of Trading Looks Like

Sent to me from an SMB Trader after the close. Hi Bella, A truly significant day for me, in terms of personal achievements. 1) I was never as big as I played today Last night I was very pissed off about myself. I saw so many occasions where I should have been much bigger but I didn’t. I was being a wuss. … Read More


Here are two comments made from two SMB traders in their daily review sent to me after the close.  Both harm their results by trying too hard.  Do you do this? I am slowly becoming less and less content with just making $$$$ (note: SMB cannot talk our PnL because of compliance reasons) and calling it a decent day. I … Read More

Buy, sell, move on

Below is an argument from a trader on our desk not to hold stocks during this earnings season.  The trader suggests to get in and out and not expect much follow through with stocks to the upside. Kind of a frustrating market day because the market is slowly grinding higher throughout the day but individual stocks don’t really make hods. … Read More

This is a trader’s fault

I received this trading recap from an SMB Trader: I love these types of days where I can keep my tickets really low and keep 95% of what i gross. For some reason when I trade from home, i don’t over trade and am able to keep my tickets really low. maybe because i have other responsibilities when i stay home like … Read More

March Trading Madness

I received this email from an SMB trader after the close today: After watching some of the VCU v. Drexel college basketball game last night I wanted to take the VCU head coach’s mantra of “Aggressive, Confident, Loose” to trading. I was more aggressive than usual with my size in the plays I was involved in. However, I was doing … Read More

Some Help for the Impatient Trader

Greetings from Singapore. Today is my last day here in the new gateway to Asia. I have a day packed full of some more learning meetings and then take a 2:30 AM flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. I arrive in JNB, will shower and then head to meet some top South African traders. I have been tasked to talk about improving … Read More

I feel like I will never make money again

I don’t know what’s wrong with me the last three days but I am not trading up to par. It’s much more eye opening when the market is actually decent and others around me are making money. I’m disappointed (to say the least) by today but I didn’t do anything fundamentally wrong at first. I even made money initially. I … Read More

PEP refreshing on the open trade

PEP (Pepsico, Inc.) offered an easy momentum trade on the open. INTRADAY FUNDAMENTALS PepsiCo fell 4.3 percent to $63.87 at 9:57 a.m. in New York. The shares rose 1.6 percent last year, while Coca-Cola gained 6.4 percent. Fourth-quarter net income advanced to $1.42 billion, or 89 cents a share, from $1.37 billion, or 85 cents, a year earlier, PepsiCo said … Read More