Do You Pick Bottoms and Tops?

Good afternoon Mike, I read One Good Trade, and I pre-ordered The Playbook so I could get some additional insight into professional trading.  I saw quite a few references to buying the support plays or selling the resistance plays, and I was wondering about the strategy, so my question is overall do you try to buy the low or sell … Read More

Are You Still Focusing on Longer Term Intraday Trades?

Hi Bella, I just finished reading your book One Good Trade and I wanted to thank you for writing it. I am trying to learn the craft of trading, and I found it to be entertaining and educational. Toward the end of the book you mention how in 2009 and 2010 you started moving toward longer term intraday positions and even … Read More

Do you have a news edge?

Last night I had dinner with Ravee Mehta, author of The Emotionally Intelligent Investor and former hedge fund trader at Soros Fund Management, hoping to learn more about getting a real news edge while trading.  On my desk I hear my guys talking about Conviction Trades before the stock confirms their thesis.  I have worked with very experienced discretionary traders who … Read More

Does the 10,000 Hour Rule Apply to Trading?

It takes purposeful practice AND 10,000 hours to become great at anything, says this latest blog from Barking Up the Wrong Tree.  I write about one way to practice purposefully in my next book  The PlayBook (which you can preorder), by creating your PlayBook.  I have written about other ways extensively on this blog (some examples below). Learning from “Outliers” … Read More