Smart Thinking About Capital Levels and Simulation

One of the great things about our growing Options Tribe community is the number of experienced spread traders that are actively participating and communicating their thinking to us. This free exchange of ideas is what the Tribe is all about: the more that people share their perspectives and approaches, the stronger we all become as traders. Recently, I received an email … Read More

Finding Yourself as a Trader

One of our options trainees recently asked me if I thought it was wise for him to model his trading style after my own personal trading approach. It was a legitimate and intelligent question and it deserved a thoughtful reply. I recently tweeted a great article by Charles Kirk, which is exactly on point to this question. In the article … Read More

Take your gifts when you get them

For butterfly traders like myself, there are scenarios that occur where a trade can appreciate very quickly. This can happen for several reasons. One of the very common causes of this phenomenon is when the trade is initiated in a high volatility environment and then the volatility is removed from the market rapidly.  In other cases the market simply channels for the … Read More