StocktwitsTV – Live From the SMB Classroom with Bella

Last night, SMB Capital’s Mike Bellafiore appeared on StocktwitsTV to discuss goal setting for 2010. Mike discussed how the partners work with the traders at SMB to set goals. Mike also talked about the process all traders should go through when setting their goals. Click here to watch the clip. Mike appears on StocktwitsTV every Sunday at 8:30pm so be … Read More

Market Commentary from JToma

It seems that the market has finally begun to take a direction after trading in a range for about two weeks. Monday started a sharp sell off in SPY, opening at 94 and closing below the key 93 support level. Today we saw SPY briefly trade above 93 but quickly sell off to close the day at 91.66, breaking all … Read More

A Technical Lesson from JToma

News of lower than expected jobless claims resulted in a quick pre-market spike then sell-off in SPY today. However, on the open it rallied and proceeded to break through the 95.50 resistance level (peaking at 96.11) in the early afternoon. As the end of the trading session neared, sentiment reversed and SPY sold off hard into the close, finishing at … Read More