Our Forex Trades

Look over the shoulder of trader Andres Salazar, as he walks us through trades taken live on SMB’s Forex desk. In this new video, Andres displays his charts and thoughts behind these trades, which all come back to the basics that SMB teaches. Waiting for the pattern, looking at correlations, then watching the volume to finally justify our entry. Andres … Read More

Create Your Forex Watch List And More With Raghee Horner

On Wednesday 10/3 at 4:30PM ET Raghee Horner, Chief Currency Analyst at IBFX and 15 year veteran will be sharing how she finds currency pairs worth watching for the trading day. This is what she refers to as her Forex Watch List. In addition, Ms. Horner is going to show us what tools she uses to confirm trends. This is … Read More

When Your Forex Pair Go Parabolic

At SMB Forex, we define a “parabolic” market movement as one that goes higher or lower pretty much in a straight line. These thrusts of momentum carry important information for our analysis when we are operating within the rules of our proprietary swing trading strategy. Let’s use some recent price action from the GBP/USD pair. While it stayed within a … Read More

Forex Blogging

howdy everyone! I know it has been a while since I contributed here. Between my late summer vacation and other projects I have simply just been running around like a mad man and haven’t been following my blogging schedule. yikes. I am still working on the content for that school of algos 101 blog theme so don’t think I have … Read More