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  • You will learn to master your trading the right way. We teach everything from specific strategies to developing your mindset and personal habits. This is the way our top traders stay on top, year after year.
  • Learn from examples and anecdotes. Get exposure to the concepts of “The Playbook”, “One Good Trade” and “Stocks in Play” and learn how to apply them to your trading plan.
  • Develop constructive relationships. Our community attracts hard working and talented traders. We invite you to join us so you can WORK HARD with us. You will be encouraged by the professionalism and work ethic of this unique culture. 
  • Learn how to start your professional trading career. Members of our community that demonstrate a committment to implmenting our principles have a much better chance of being invited on our trading desk either in NYC or remotely. Working with us can help you master your own trading account or earn a fully funded trading account with our firm. 
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Sample of SMB Premium Webinars

  • The Two Best Trades For a Specific Market
  • The Playbook Checkup with Bella
  • Trader Development with Bella and SMB
  • Stocks In Play
  • SMB Strategies Series
  • The Automated Trader
  • The Elite Trader with Bruce Bower
  • Trading Psychology
  • How to Win the Game Before It's Played 
  • Transitioning Out of Your Job To Be a Pro Trader
  • 30 Trading Habits
  • Solving The 7 Common Trading Frustrations
  • Ten Lessons From the Trading Desk
  • Free Friday Review Session with Steve Spencer 
  • A Day in the Life of a Trader
  • Indicators to Help Make Trade Decisions
  • 3 Steps To win as a Trader
  • How to Trade Earnings Season
  • The importance of a Trading Tribe 
  • An Intro to Options Spread Trading 
  • Why Traders Are Succeeding with Dr. Steenbarger
  • Reading The Tape
  • How to Scale in and Out Positions
  • 5 Techniques from The Prop Desk to Become a CPT
  • The Favorite Trade of a Junior SMB Trader
  • The Favorite Trade from another Junior SMB Trader
  • The Trade Review: How Pro Traders Keep a Trading Journal
  • The 5 Most Important Habits of Successful Traders
  • 5 Key Lessons from our April Trade Reviews
  • The Bionic Discretionary Automated Trader
  • How and When Can a Firm Tell if a Trader Will Be Successful
  • 5 Ideas to Improve Your Trading This Summer  
  • 5 Lessons from the prop trading Desk
  • Live Trader Mentoring
  • The Trades working best in this marke
  • Team Trading
  • Live Trader Mentoring
  • Reading the Tape: Watch trading film with SMB
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SMBU Premium Member Testimonials

"Love the videos, and thank you very much for taking the time - it is appreciated. Both you and Mike have a (refreshingly) granular communication style of cutting right to the chase. And for those of us not yet working in the industry, it’s a minute or two peak in the window"

Nic | Day Trader | Georgia

"Your training is far more comprehensive than I anticipated. [SMB Training] gave me everything to be a constantly profitable trader."

L. Kulla | Lawyer | New York

"The tape reading skills that I have learned are amazing..."

A. Thrisher | Engineer | Washington

"Learn how to trade second day play in your detailed way was new to me."

Justin K. | College Student

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