Who Is this For?

  • Part-time traders who want to learn how to build a portfolio of options strategies that they can trade part time or use to launch their full time trading career.¬†
  • Full-time traders who currently focus on other markets and want to add options strategies to their trading.¬†
  • Options traders who want to become more consistent by using a diversified portfolio of options trading systems. ¬†

Training Format

  • Six-week schedule (five days a week for 30 days).
  • Lifetime access to updates and new material.
  • Remote and on-demand so that you can complete the training anywhere in the world on your own schedule.
  • Video, audio, and written lessons to suit a variety of learning styles.
  • Assignments throughout to put your new knowledge into action right away.
  • Journal entries submitted for review and personal feedback from Andrew Falde, a leading trader on the SMB Options Trading Desk.

Training Topics

Part 1 Course orientation and how to work with your mentor to get the most from the training.

Part 2 Trader types and how to determine the style of trading that is best suited for your personality, temperment, skills, capital, and available time so that you can put yourself in a position for the best chance of long term success and fulfillment in your options trading career.

Part 3 The economics of launching a career as a systematic options trader. Learn how to minimize the time and capital requirement to accomplish your career goals and maximize your upside using Smart Leverage and/or funded accounts.

Part 4 The basics of data analysis. Data is the heart of systematic trading, but you don't need to have a Ph.D. or know how to write code to leverage the power of market data. You will learn simple tools and methods to analyze historic market data so that you can understand if a strategy has a real edge or not.

Part 5 Learn the practical and powerful Rapid Modeling Method to quickly validate strategies or disprove them. This method is designed to avoid wasted time (and money) on shiny objects and strategies that are more likely to fail so you can spend more time trading things that work.

Part 6 How to effectively optimize a profitable strategy without getting lost in a process of over-analysis or ‚Äúoverfitting‚ÄĚ which makes strategies appear more profitable without actually making them more likely to do well in the future.¬†

Part 7 How to stack multiple edges for exponetial improvement in trading edge by developing an intelligently diversified basket of simple strategies that's often easier to trade and more reliable than one strategy that tries to do everything. 

Part 8 Steps to launch strategies in the real world including ways to start small, scale up, add/remove strategies, keep track of your results, and prepare for funding -- with a business plan that requires less than 30 minutes a day to maintain.

Part 9 Practical ways to continue improving and innovating while you maintain your portfolio. You will learn how to plan for some strategies to fail, and why you should continue adding to your basket of strategies with edge, so that you can replace underperforming systems quickly and continuously adapt to ever-changing markets and new opportunities in the future.

Part 10 Strategy Starting Points. In this training, you will learn multiple strategies that have positive expectancy (i.e. statistically likely to be profitable). You will learn strategies that are "easier" to make money with and the ones that you should avoid. This will save you multiple years of expensive trial and error that normally runs traders into the ground before they can find what works. These strategies alone are worth more than the full price of the Options Portfolio Management training program.

What Can I Do With This Training?

After you complete this training, you will be able to use the knowledge that you gain to trade options portfolios for yourself, manage funded accounts, or consult traders and firms about building and improving their options portfolios.

You will have the skills to quickly evaluate trading ideas that are presented to you so that you can confidently confirm or disprove them without expensive and time-consuming trial and error.

Because we start with identifying the style of trading for which you are best suited, you will be able to focus your time trading in a way that is more sustainable, enjoyable, and fulfilling. 

Rather than going it alone or spending the next several years in a process of trial and error, you will be able to accelerate your journey toward becoming a consistently profitable options portfolio manager.

Start Your Options Portfolio Manager Training Program Today

Value $5,000 Price: $1,997* 


* The training requires separate software that costs anywhere from $50 to $90 per month depending on your specific goals (OptionNET, OptionVUE, or comparable).

Meet Your Mentor: Andrew Falde

After competing in the Options Trading Competition, Andrew earned a seat on the SMB Options Trading desk. Since joining the trading desk, he has maintained one of the highest annual % returns and risk-adjusted returns.

Andrew specializes in rule-based options systems in broad based indexes and commodities markets.

He advises and manages accounts for investors, prop firms, and funds.

As an SMB Mentor and contributor to the SMB Options Tribe, Andrew enjoys the opportunity to meet, train, and collaborate with options traders around the world.

Andrew is a Registered Investment Advisor and author of Skip the Dip.