SMB Options Complete Training Package 2

SMB Options Complete Training Package

Every SMB Options Training Program. One Low Price.

SMB Options Foundation Your intro to everything about the options market that you need to know. Taught by a professional options trading desk manager and veteran options trader. 

The M3 Options Trading System The system that teaches you how to trade market neutral strategies with minimal market exposure and high theta.

Bearish Butterfly The bearish trade that works in most bullish markets. This is one of the lowest correlation strategies available and is a key component of the Locke portfolio of trades.  

The ROCK The options trading system includes multiple configurations so you can tackle anything the market throws your way. 

The M21 Options Trading System The ultimate in trade planning for advanced market neutral options traders. 

Super Simple Spreads The 100% systematic way for traders to add high probability options spreads that actually have a high probability of success... Without taking excessive risk. 

Netzero Options System Learn zero-based thinking, the 60-40-20 options trading strategy, and how to use Netzero Options to manage a portfolio of reliable options trading strategies that require Zero adjustements. 

Locke Master Class Series Master your market neutral options trading game with 64 hours of on-demand training sessions that were recorded over the course of 2 ½ years. 

Vertical Spread Advantage How a Top Pro Initiates Trades with Favorable Risk/Reward Ratios  

TEA Iron Condor The options trading system that uses a technical signal to help you proactively reduce risk in market neutral trades and reduce the subjectivity in your trading.

The Assymmetrical Iron Condor A powerful market neutral options trading technique. Learn to reliably make management decisions that adapt to changing markets and maximize the opportunities available each month. 

The Nested Iron Condor An improvement on the classic iron condor. Learn this systematic, efficient, proactively managed, high probably income trading system.

The Heart Friendly Butterfly An Effective Options Trading System that Offers Freedom from Confusing Options Models, The Greeks, and Subjective Market Opinion.

Greg Loehr's Broken Wing Butterfly The options trade that offers high probability income in most market conditions and fundamentally shifts the risk/reward in your favor. 

Options Tribe Premium Membership (12 Months) Watch our on-demand archive of Options Tribe weekly presentations going back to May 2011! Access to our live/private chat room. Discounts on future SMB Options training programs. Access to observe or join our options trading competition -- where at least one person will be offered a spot on our proprietary trading desk. 

Mentoring Programs (Optional)

Andrew Falde's Options and Systems Workshop (12 Months) The Options & Systems Workshop is weekly online meeting where you will discover how to find reliable trading edges and create practical trading plans that can be implemented in the real world.  

6-Hours of Private Mentoring with Seth Freudberg One-on-one web meetings, recording for your private access and review. Learn from a veteran options trader, professional options desk manager, and experienced mentor/coach. Seth's seen almost every conceivable challenge that options traders face and can help fast track your improvement as an options trader.  

6-Hours of Private Mentoring with Andrew Falde Andrew is one of the top performing options traders at the firm and a developer of market neutral options trading strategies. He can teach you how to select, evaluate, and implement a portfolio of options trades and hedging strategies that fits you. 

Video Series

Total Value: $18,910 Package Price: $12,750 

Video Series + Mentoring

Total Value: $26,458 Package Price: $17,500 

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