Traders Mentoring

Morning Game Plan

The meeting held by SMB co-founder, Steve Spencer, starts with an assessment of the Big Picture, where he dives into what’s happening in the broader market and how to properly interpret it. Then, with the broader market context firmly in place, he delves into his watchlist of In-Play stocks for the day, spotlighting catalysts and key support and resistance levels to watch for.

The Winning Trader

Trader Development

In this meeting led by Jeff Holden, our Head of Trader Development, our developing traders call out the various trades they took in the morning session, and we identify the top 3 trades of the day. Then break each of those trades down by the catalyst, which we score, as well as the setup, the specifics of the trade in terms of entry and exit, as well as bet sizing, and what would have been ideal.

Jeff Holden trading

Scalping and Tape Reading Skills

This meeting led by Jeff Holden is similar to the Trader Development meeting, but the key here is the focus on scalping opportunities and then delving into scalping trade signals you can spot from tape reading.


The PlayBook

This is a weekly meeting hosted by Mike Bellafiore and Jeff Holden. In this meeting, traders reverse engineer winning trades, either by them or top traders on the desk, into specific PlayBook trades, which they then present during this meeting.

Easy Money Trades

This meeting led by Carlton Bryan, SMB Floor Manager, dissects the top 3 trades of the week that were taken by traders on our desk. The meeting gives you an inside look into what we consider to be the very top trades of the week out of the hundreds taken by our traders.

Garrett at his trading station

The Bionic Trader

This meeting is held by our technology and trading indicators expert, Garrett Drinon. Its goal is to teach you how to build and use actionable trading tools with a real-world edge based on real-world setups. This meeting will teach you how to actually create your own custom trading tools and indicators that give you an edge in real-time trading.

Justin at his trading desk

Office Hours

This meeting is held by seasoned SMB pro Justin Spero. It is an invaluable meeting for you and other SMB students to ask any trading question on any trading topic and get the answer. You can ask questions about risk management, trading process, recent trades you took, trader psychology, or any other area of trading that you need help with.

Elite Swing Trading

In this meeting held by SMB trader Ryan Hasson, he dissects the two top swing trading opportunities that presented themselves in the past week, diving into the setup, the theme driving the stock, the specific entry, stop, and exit, and any adjustments that were made after the trade was initially taken.

Options Income Strategy

This meeting is held by our Head of Options Trading, Seth Freudberg, along with seasoned SMB trader Nick Salvatore. They will be reviewing recent options income trades that were taken or should have been taken on the desk, explaining the specific trade itself and the overall strategy, the larger market environment in which the trade occurred, showing you how the trade played out day by day from an options pricing perspective, showing any adjustments that were made, and then explaining why the trade worked or didn’t work.

Max at his desk

0DTE Options Edge

No one’s better at options trading in our firm than Max Ganik. In the meeting, Max takes the top 2 ODTE options trades that he took during the current week and goes through a detailed analysis and review, explaining the specific options dynamics that led him to take the trade, including a discussion of the options Greeks and which strikes he chose and why.


  • Access to a total of 18 meetings per week held by SMB Traders.
  • Access to the archives of these meetings so you can review the recordings at your own pace.
  • Access to SMB TradingMentor AI. The tools we have developed for you to get answers for your trading questions. This is how it works: You formulate a question and the AI tools will give you a text with the answer and also populates 5 video references most relevant from our meetings with the exact time stamp.