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The Rhino Options Trading strategy is appropriately named after the thick-skinned creature for it's toughness and two horned profile.

 Learn the strategy that gives you ...

  • A positive Theta trade that integrates a long Vega component to help stabilize the profile during rapid changes in volatility to give you more stable and reliable PnL.
  • A trade that prefers neutral and bearish market moves while having unique ways to dramatically reduce risk during run away bull markets giving you a higher probability of success and lower chances of significant draw down.
  • A trade plan that is so risk averse, the plan only requires checking on the position once per day and reduces the chances of experiencing multiple consecutive losses.

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2018 Webinar: Introducing The Rhino

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Course Contents

  • Instructions for trading RUT (Russell 2000 Index) and SPX (S&P 500) index options
  • Everything from the big picture down to the details to trade this strategy with as much discretion or objectivity as you prefer
  • Planned Capital guidelines ($25,000 max per trade lot)
  • How to enter and scale in
  • Various adjustments with numerous examples
  • Rules for various profit targets based on time until expiration
  • How to setup OptionVUE model to manage by the rules
  • Specific upside and downside adjustment guidelines
  • Learn the details of Three Trade Priorities (#1 Preservation of Capital, #2 Ease of Management, #3 Profits)
  • How the trade performed in 2008 and flash crashes 
  • Day-to-day management of the trade (once per day, anytime of day that you prefer)
  • How to overlap trades without making management difficult 
  • Advice on psychology and consistency so you can put the high win rate of the trade to work for you
  • Details about core components and adjustement: Put Broken Wing Butterflies, Call Calendars, Call Broken-wing Butterflies, Vertical Spreads and Condors
  • How to reduce profit targets based on Gamma and Days to Expiration