Options Trading Master Class: Reduce the Frustration of Volatile Unexpected Market Moves

  • Learn a powerful strategy that adjusts aggressively to market conditions so that you are always in control of the trade and your money.
  • Probabilities are NOT guarantees. Learn why the probability your options software generates is only the starting point to a winning trade. Losing traders never fully grasp what I teach in this lesson.
  • Learn to capitalize on time decay. Professionals embrace it, amateurs pray it doesn’t hurt them.
  • Eliminate emotional trading. Most traders (options or not) over-commit to market volatility and get whip-sawed. Watch as I explain how I teach an approach that I have shared with traders on our options desk to avoid this.

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Seth Freudberg,
Director, SMB Options Training ProgramNo relevant positions

The SMB Options Training Program is a twelve-month program designed for novice and intermediate level options traders who are seeking an intensive training process to learn how to trade options spreads for monthly income. For more information on this program contact Seth Freudberg- [email protected].

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