John Locke Group Mentoring Open House: Session 1 of 2

October was our Open House for John’s group mentoring sessions to give traders, who are not registered for the course all year, a chance to see why so many options traders find these mentoring sessions critical to their implementation of John’s options strategies. For those of you who are new to SMBU Options, John Locke is an experienced options trader and mentor, who is well known for devising unique and sophisticated options strategies designed for most market situations. The session covers options trading in general, but the focus will be on John’s special trading techniques, which can be difficult to master without ongoing guidance from John. During each session, John will make a presentation to his students and questions and answers will be taken through the chat feature of Webex.  John will address how the most recent month’s trades could be handled and strategized, which members have found extremely valuable as they trade those same strategies each month.

Here is the October 2nd Session!

See the October 16th Session here.


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