Improve Win Rate without Predicting or Timing

Getting both direction and timing right is very difficult. Most traders have a win rate between 35% and 45%. Even consistently profitable traders are typically wrong more than half of the time.

What does that mean for you?

If you are like a lot of traders, you may think that your win rate is the biggest problem you need to solve. However, it may not be the problem at all.

Let me explain.

The only way that consistently profitable traders can be wrong more than half the time and survive is because they make sure that their winners make more than enough to cover their losses. And to make sure this happens, they have to make sure that no individual loss will ever be too large.

Now that the nearly obvious has been stated. Let me show you exactly how you can specifically start doing this in your trading.

This Thursday, you can attend a Live workshop and learn how to…

  • Increase your win rate without having to improve your ability to predict direction
  • Guarantee your stop losses will never be surpassed — even if the market gaps beyond your stop
  • Construct trades that have the ultimate combination of high win rate, unlimited potential return, and mathematically defined risk
  • Turn losing trade ideas into profitable trades using just one simple change to your trade entry
  • Have unlimited return potential without unlimited risk — shifting the risk vs. reward ratio permanently in your favor.
  • Use leverage to make your trades safer, not riskier
  • See dozens of examples that show how these trades are entered and exited
  • Start trading these types of options trades with paper money as soon as this Friday
  • Use as little as $500 of maximum risk to have unlimited potential reward for your next trade idea

Here’s how you join me for this live workshop on Thursday.

First, subscribe to the Options Beginner Workshop program

Second, mark your calendar for Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 1:00 PM Eastern.

You’ll receive reminders and your link to join the live meeting before the session begins.

If you can’t attend live, you will have lifetime access to the recording along with all other Options Beginner Workshop presentations.

This is a live webinar with Q&A. The scheduled duration is 60-minutes, but you can stick around for up to 30-minutes to ask any questions that you have about these options trading techniques.

Visit to learn more about the Options Beginner Workshop.

You don’t need to have experience trading options to start learning these powerful concepts this week.

Looking forward to seeing you this Thursday!

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Andrew Falde
SMB Options Desk Trader