How The Locke Master Class Series Will Get You to the Next Level

Here is a summary of some of the key themes you will see throughout the Locke Master Class Series which is available at a significant discount until December 1st.

Learn advanced market neutral trading techniques

Many traders understand the benefits of market neutral trading — but few understand how to take seemingly limited return trades and get more out of them. John Locke’s advanced market neutral trading techniques can help you get to this level.

Get ready to trade the next low volatility market

When implied volatility is low, you may have mixed feelings about market neutral options trading. It may feel like you will be on the wrong side of the market if you enter while IV is low — but you also don’t want to miss out on opportunities. Learn John’s strategies for making prudent and objective decisions in abnormally low volatility market environments.

See how to exit complex positions safely

To a developing options trader, a complex options trade can feel like “painting yourself into a corner”. The best way to learn how to unwind trades like this is to watch examples of a professional entering and taking off complex positions — while keeping risk under control and profits protected.

Navigate the next runaway up-market like a pro

While many traders and investors fear the downside — experienced options traders know that the upside of the market can be just as precarious. Are you ready to navigate a crash-up? John will show you how.

Understand how to trade Locke’s strategies in smaller accounts

Traders often have various accounts for a number of reasons. If you have some smaller accounts — or you just want to try new strategies at a smaller size, then John will show you how to apply his strategies to smaller accounts.

Discover advanced trade planning techniques for market neutral options traders

Trade planning is a three-dimensional look at how your trade may unfold in the future. You can use a variety of scenarios to plan a best case and worst case for your trade. Even the worst market technicians in the world can develop options trade plans that can earn more than an unplanned trade. This style of trading is how you go from earning an income to generating big returns.

Build up your skills so you can start taking your M3 trades into expiration

Most market neutral index options traders avoid expiration week like the plague. You may be afraid of giving back profits because of increased Gamma. Learn how to control your profile in the days approaching expiration — this is where Theta crush can win against Gamma risk — if you know what you’re doing.

Learn how to adapt M3 and Bearish Butterfly trades to the SPX

Find more opportunities and liquidity by diversifying your trades into the SPX index.

Discover the processes for excellent trade execution

Are you having trouble getting filled? Are you wondering how you can be confident that you can get into and out of these trades each month? Watch our million dollar options trader walk through the process of selected, negotiating, and executing great trades. Get the confidence you need to pull the trigger on your trades.

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