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Proprietary Trading

Want to trade for SMB Futures? Tryout to earn your seat. 



  • Only trade intraday - no overnight holds (meaning you cannot hold positions into the exchange reset period, or hold positions into consistently illiquid periods such as many grains markets exhibit.)
  • Only trade from this list of futures markets: 
  • US Markets: 6A, 6B, 6E, 6N, 6J, 6S, CL, E7, ES, GC, GE, GF, HE, HG, HO, LE, MES, MNQ, NG, NQ, PL, QI, QG, QM, QO, RB, RTY, SI, UB, YM, ZB, ZC, ZF, ZL, ZM, ZN, ZS, ZT, ZW
  • EUREX Markets: FDAX, FDXM, FGBL (Note: $100/month additional fee for EUREX trading)
  • Take as long as you need, but trade a minimum of 15 trading days. Only days you trade count as a trading day. (Do not meet the profit target and proceed to scalp for 1 tick each day to attempt to count those as genuine trading days- we will not count them)
  • Never violate the Daily Loss Limit of $1,000 (based on Net P/L, which includes commissions). This means you should set your own daily loss limit you want to stick with. That limit should not be close to -$1,000 as that would result in a failed Tryout. Show us you can manage risk, and eventually our capital, responsibly.
  • Achieve a profit target of $5,000
  • Do not hit the Maximum Draw Down of $3,000 from the starting balance
  • Put in the work. For each day traded you must have done a premarket prep, as well as a postmarket review. Just submit these into the Tradervue account Journal we provide you with. No required format- shows us your process.
  • No single day P/L can account for more than 75% of your overall P/L when being considered for funding

Additional Details

  • There are no time limits for the Tryout. Take your time, manage risk, trade your plan. Your monthly Tryout subscription will continue to renew every 30-days.
  • Position limits can be customized upon approval, but are set by default to 6 lots total across any products. We feel that most everyone should be trading smaller than a 6 lot for a $1,000 daily loss limit. If you're doing spreads or something else, just reach out.
  • Commissions are set to $2.00/side (paper money) in order to give a reasonable estimate of normal trading fees for net P/L. (Except for micro products, which are $1.54/round-turn)
  • If you cancel your Tryout, then sign back up within 6 months, your account balance will be exactly as you left it when cancelled. Any account lock due to a risk rule violation will also still be active. You will be required to pay the account reset fee if you want a fresh account balance and unlocked account.
  • Under no circumstances will refunds be given, make sure to read and understand all rules, terms, and conditions before signing up.


  • Sierra Chart, TT (additional cost), NinjaTrader, R-Trader Pro, MultiCharts, BookMap, Investor RT (Note we provide you with R-Trader Pro. If you want to use any of the other platforms listed, you are required to get them yourself.)

  • Note: Automated systems will require special approval prior to funding


Welcome to the team. You've earned it. Now what?

Trade our capital. We take all the downside risk, and you get 50% of the profits. 

Trade remotely, or join our desk in NYC.

Build consistency as you develop and hone your skills. Keep putting in the work. Get world-class coaching and mentoring. Participate in daily trader meetings. Be a teammate to other traders.

Trade bigger as you progress. Earn a max drawdown of $25k or more.


Trade remotely or on our NYC desk

Level I - Starting out:

  • $1,000 daily loss limit
  • $3,000 max drawdown

Level II - after reaching $6,000 net profits as Jr. Trader:

  • $1,500 daily loss limit
  • $6,000 max drawdown


After 6 months of consistency as a Level II Junior Trader:

  • Custom daily loss limit
  • $25,000 max drawdown


  • We believe in cultivating skills, regardless of pedigree.
  • We believe a trader should show edge in a simulated environment before going live.
  • We seek not just returns, but superior risk-adjusted returns.
  • We believe traders should start small, and earn the right to trade bigger with consistency.
  • We believe in getting better every single day.

$325 /month