Fast, Furious, and Trading

A year ago, would you have guessed that The Fast and the Furious movie franchise was going to be back so soon… or even at all?

Regardless how you feel about the franchise (or if you are even aware that it exists)… it’s hard to ignore the fact that a — seemingly — niche subculture film about street racing has become the 6th highest grossing movie franchise of ALL time.

Knowing what’s going to work in the movie business is a challenge.

A similar challenge to what you face in trading.

One big winning trade may actually be revealing a strategy that is ready to pay out for years to come. Or it could just be one win — like a “one-hit wonder”.

A strategy that has been working for 5+ years may get into a rough period — but ultimately come back and keep working. Or it could go into a draw down that never ends.

Predicting what will work is too risky. What if you’re wrong? The cost is too high.

This Thursday at 1:30 PM Eastern, we’re going to have a live webinar to discuss this challenge and — more importantly — what you can do about it.

The webinar topic is “Three Core Trading Edges, Why They Work, And How You Can Use Them In Your Trading“.

In this webinar, you will be able to take away multiple categories of edges that you can be begin adding to your trading.

Whether you need your first edge or you need to stack more edges… you’ll want to register for this webinar.

-Andrew Falde
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