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The Options & Systems Workshop 

with Andrew Falde

Discover. Develop. Improve.

The Options & Systems Workshop is an ecosystem where you will discover how to find reliable trading edges and create practical trading plans that can be implemented in the real world.

Come see Andrew put trading ideas to the test, use technology to accelerate strategy development, and find innovative solutions to maximize market edges.

In the workshop (and the extensive workshop archive that goes back to April 2016) you will learn how to control risk through hedging, filters, strategic diversification, and trade planning. 

Avoid spending years of your life learning through trial and error. The Options & Systems Workshop will help accelerate your growth toward becoming a safer, more consistent, and profitable trader.  

Ready to Join the Options & Systems Workshop? 

Subscription is normally $129. However, for a limited time, you can have a full month of workshop access for just $79. There is no obligation to continue after your trial and you can cancel anytime before the next monthly payment.

Note: Automatically renews for $129 per month. If you previously had a trial and wish to rejoin, click here to restart your subscription.

With Your Workshop Access, You Can...

  • Attend a live workshop web meeting with Andrew each Wendesday afternoon
  • Join the private Slack chat to ask questions and discuss strategies with Andrew and other workshop members
  • Discover the process Andrew has used to find and implement multiple profitable edges 
  • Learn tools that allow you to build, test, and trade your own system (with options, futures, and stocks)
  • Learn how to combine strategies to smooth your equity curve 
  • Ask how to test any symbol, any indicator, and any time frame 
  • See hard evidence about market edges and risk management strategies 
  • Learn which indicators don’t work and how to get the most of the ones that do
  • See how professional systems developers track and monitor multiple ideas and systems 
  • Watch all recordings of past workshops going back to April 2016! 
  • Get access to the Options & Systems Testing Workshop Chat Room App (via Slack)


  • There is no software required to join. The edges you learn about can be traded at almost any broker.
  • All sessions will be recorded and added to the member archive so you can watch when your schedule allows
  • Your subscription allows you to access all previous recordings so you can catch up quickly 
  • You can choose how active you want to be in the workshop... some members choose to just watch and others actively participate in the research and development of market edges.  
  • The focus is primarily on market-neutral strategies with secondary focus on hedging and directional trades.
  • Limit one trial per person. Your subscriptions will automatically renew for $129 per month.