Option Systems Workshops

Options Trading Workshops

by Andrew Falde

Learn powerful options trading techniques directly from a professional prop firm options trader. 

Options trading is a complex field. Avoid wasting years of your life learning through trial and error. Andrew's Workshop Libary is packed with over 100 Hours of education designed to accelerate your growth toward becoming a consistently profitable options trader. 

  • Over 100 Hours of Video Recordings!
  • Learn Directional and Neutral Strategies
  • Learn How to Develop Edge
  • Exclusive Backtesting Reports and Analysis
  • Discuss Strategies for Indexes, Stocks, and Futures
  • A one hour consultation with Andrew Falde included with your trial

$25 / Month


  • There is no software required to join. The strategies you learn about can be traded at almost any broker.
  • Your subscription allows you to access the library of recordings so you can catch up quickly 
  • You can choose how active you want to be in the workshop... some members choose to just watch and others actively participate in each session and the chat.
  • Limit one trial per person. To cancel, send an email to [email protected]