Best Links From the Week

Interesting look at investor sentiment.
The exciting future for StockTwits TV.
“there is no sharp demarcation between working on yourself as a person and working on yourself as a trader,” Dr. Steenbarger.
I really enjoyed “SuperFreaknonics” by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Their latest offers much to think about for those interested in finding cheaper solutions to a myriad of complicated, seemingly expensive fixes.
As a huge Yankees fan I have watched Ross Ohlendorf pitch on many occasions. When Brian Cashman, the Yankees GM, made the conscious decision to restock the minor leagues with quality arms Ohlendorf was one such example. When he pitched for the Yankees in relief his talent was obvious, hard thrower with a nasty curveball. The Yankees eventually traded him to the Pirates in the Marte Nady trade a few years ago. In our constant search to learn from others we find this quote from Ohlendorf’s baseball coach at Princeton, Scott Bradley, “everything about his life is always about making himself better and making himself more educated.”
Our Fed Chairman starts the discussion on the right kind of reform on Wall Street.
Another downmove in housing around the corner?
How we learn from music from David Brook’s latest.

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