Ask Anything: Was Philip Morris a good stock to trade?


Hi Mike,

I am in college, as a Biology major, and have been on a trading journey for about three-four years. Learning a lot from a trading mentor, reading blogs/books, paper trading, journaling, realtime chatrooms, and free videos (like yours) has provided the ultimate growing experience in my personal development as a trader.

I am trying to emulate the mindset of you and your traders by being in the right stocks. Today I paper traded, Phillip Morris (PM), it had an unexpected large earnings beat causing the stock to gap, I bought on 1 min. dip, near the opening low (risk 30 cents) to which it uptrended nicely for a 2 dollar run, I remember in one of your videos to where you prefer to trade full guidance, margin, new products, and anything that changes fundamentals.

My question is would you have traded PM today and if you would have, would you have traded it differently?


* no relevant positions


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