2nd Day Trade: One of the easiest trades to learn

A 2nd Day Trade, is a trade we developed that not only has edge, but is easy to learn and trade.

We train traders from beginner to consistently profitable and then high performing trader. As a firm we cannot just teach trades with edge to our new and developing traders. Some trades with edge are too hard from them to understand and execute at the beginning of their career. So we must do better. We must teach with empathy. We must teach smarter.

The challenge is not: what trades can we teach our new traders that have edge? It is is: what trades can we teach out new traders that they can trade with edge?

The 2nd Day Trade is one of the two easiest trades that we teach to our desk.  I implore our new traders, “Do not miss 2nd Day Trades!”

Each night we run a scan for these trades.

Each night our desk is prepped for 2nd Day Trade opportunities.

The risk/reward for these trades can be 10×1. They can be swing trades, or as I wrote in The PlayBook, Trades2Hold.

The 2nd Day Trade is one of ten trades, we will teach in our new training program, The Winning Trader.

Here is an example of a recent 2nd Day Trade in STX:

We hope to see you are our webinar, where we discuss the ten trades to master.

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