Beware the Hedge Fund

Steve Spencer discusses with Fox Business how funds will push momentum stocks around to try to outperform the market. Watch the latest video at Please follow and like us:

What Is The Best Preparation To Be A Trader?

You want to be a trader. Maybe you’re just starting out in the working world or maybe you’re considering a career shift. Nonetheless, you know one thing will all of your being—you want to make it as a trader. There could be a host of potential reasons, all of which make sense. You want to swing around huge positions and … Read More

This Is What Insider Trading Looks Like

One of the most volatile stocks last week was LNCR. On Wednesday the Financial Times reported that it was in talks to be taken over for over $40 per share. The stock immediately spiked on heavy volume from 26 to 29. The market clearly believed the story. So it was on the top of my list for trading the rest … Read More

Reversal Rehearsel Revisted

Two weeks ago I wrote this post discussing that a lot of money was being made on the desk via reversal patterns. This post will discuss a few trades from last week that continued to show this pattern remains highly relevant and where a lot of money can be made intraday. On Thursday after the Supreme Court health care decision … Read More