SMBU Premium is a new training series developed to upgrade your core trading knowledge and skills so you accelerate your trading success.

You receive exact strategies and concrete steps, that you can apply quickly to your trading. Each webinar dives deeper than basic information, with its keen focus on one core topic. Intensive focus each month means you will have 30 days to implement each lesson before you move on to the next.

Are you ready for this challenge?

This monthly webinar structure gives you a chance to network with professional traders and adapt your trading to something new. The new lessons from Bella and Steve are a 12 month guide to understanding how successful trading really works. When you join, you make a twelve month commitment to improve. Winning traders make this type of dedication. The training is designed for serious traders and investors but doesn’t require that you trade full-time to benefit from the lessons.

12 Exclusive Webinars

  • A single trading opportunity in the next twelve months could ignite your profitable trading career. Will you be ready?
  • You will control advanced strategies and tactics as your membership unfolds. The unique structure of the training adapts to market conditions. This means you are exposed to the concepts of “The Playbook”, “One Good Trade” and “Stocks in Play” in the setting of the current month.
  • Bella and Steve graciously invite you inside the SMB Capital trading floor and share with you the best mindset and strategies necessary to succeed that month. Your webinar topics are fundamental but each lesson puts you in a better position to trade well because it’s relevant to current market conditions.

Benefits of SMBU Premium

The SMBU training philosophy is guided by one question:
How Good Can You Be?

  • Your answer to this one question drives our mission. Our goal is to inspire your greatest effort during these next twelve months. We invite you, no we challenge you, to frame the next 12 months with purpose and a driven intention to succeed. 
  • Our new membership, SMBU Premium, is one new tool to help you answer that very personal question about your trading: How good can YOU be?
  •  Join us in our ongoing webinar series and get access to all previous recordings of Premium Webinars and SMB Trading Conversations. This library of trading videos and ongoing live instruction will help you significantly improve your trading.



- 12 Monthly Webinars
- Core lessons essential for profitable trading
- Timely training for current market conditions
- Multimedia formats - video, audio and PDF
- Bonus speakers and training
- Exclusive training opportunites
- Networking with pro traders

Steve Training - SMBU PREMIUM 

Bonus: Free Friday Review Session with Spencer

- Review of Trades of the Week
- Detailed charts with entries and exits
- Changes he is seeing in the market
- SMBU Road Map for the following week
- Q&A from you