The importance of trading the right stocks cannot be overstated. There is a lot of information that has to be processed to find the best stocks to trade every day. The SMB Scanner combines multiple sources of information to quickly identify stocks that are in play or likely to be in play during the trading session. The SMB Scanner integrates data from the Benzinga Professional real time news feed, real time quotes, earnings calendars, webcasts and a stock trading characteristics database.

Monthly Subscription
2-week Trial

Proper Preparation

  • Sophisticated customizable filters
  • Stock trading information database from Senior SMB Capital traders
  • User defined stock information database
  • Links to all webcasts with time that can move a stock price
  • Customizable order and display of columns
  • Advanced sorting, including by latest news item
  • Highlight of notable earnings surprise and of multiple upgrades/downgrades
  • Daily earnings filter
  • After hours screen with real time quotes
  • Earnings tool with graphical calendar and historical graphs
  • Customizable layout
  • Link to LightSpeed trading platform

Get all the information you need to know to prepare for the trading day


Customizable filters to show only stocks that fit your trading style -- choose values that make sense to you for the time of day you are running the scan.

Stock Data and Database

The Scanner comes with a database of information about the trading characteristics of specific stocks. Master database populated by senior SMB Traders and a custom database for each user to input their comments on stocks

SMB Earnings Tools

Review how many stocks are reporting on a daily and weekly basis using the graphical bar earnings calendars.

News Feed

Trade the most In Play stocks. The SMB Scanner combines Benzinga Newsfeed and real time quote data to quickly highlight stocks that are in play. Data is updated in real time.

SMB Stock Universe

Sophisticated earnings calendar for a subset of tradable stocks that SMB considers are suitable for day trading.

Customizable layout

Customize the layout of the scanner according to your trading needs. You can add or remove windows such as ticker window, stock data, color coded events, earnings alerts, Benzinga Professional newsfeed, stock sector info and stock trading information database.